After Sun Essentials from Circadia

It is the season of sunshine, swimsuits, and… sunburns! As estheticians, we understand how important sunscreen is, not just in the summer months when sun exposure is at an all-time high, but also throughout the year because of the dangers of UV damage. Not only does daily SPF use prevent sunspots and aging, but it helps protect from developing deadly skin cancers.

Sometimes accidents happen despite our best efforts and our clients end up sunburned. We’ve provided a quick guide to some of our best products to help reduce the pain, redness and inflammation associated with sunburns below!

Designed for everyday use, our Light Day Sunscreen for Face & Body is fast absorbing with an elegant feel.
Our award-winning formulation works with antioxidants to prevent UV damage while the photo stabilizer reduces sensitivity issues associated with UV absorbers. This light sunscreen lotion is an SPF 37 that contains grape stem cell culture extract to enhance photo-protection and delay cell senescence.

When caring for a sunburn, focusing on soothing and hydrating the skin while promoting healing is essential. Our Aloe and Calendula Calming Mist is a soft blend of aloe, calendula, elderflower, rose, and sea whip extracts to help calm the discomfort associated with rosacea and sensitive skin.

Another favorite is the Post Peel Balm which is traditionally used after chemical peels but can also be applied to sensitized skin from a sunburn. It gently calms and comforts skin with its’ skin-identical lipid complex that increases water-holding capacity and provides a semi-occlusive protective barrier to help the skin heal.

Your clients will also love the cooling effects of the Snow Algae and Spirulina Cooling Mask that can be applied to faces, backs, shoulders, chests, legs, and other areas that experience sunburn as a professional treatment mask. This complex combination of Exotic Snow Algae extract, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants creates a cooling and soothing sensation designed to improve cellular defenses, cell detoxification, and repair. In addition, this unique formulation supports the skin through tissue trauma and enhances soothing with an anti-inflammatory boost.

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