Chemical Peels in a Series: The Secret to Success

Routine and repetition are the keys to success in skincare.  They’re the key to success for your clients’ skin because when they use the same products on a routine basis and repeat their treatments and home care, their skin begins to adjust and is able to find balance.  

However, repetition is also the key to success for the skin care business!  When you have clients coming in on a regular basis for treatments and to replenish their home care products, not only is their skin benefiting, but so is your business’s bottom line.  

Learning why chemical peels are beneficial to the skin, and, why it is beneficial to do them on a routine basis are key in your ability to educate your clients on how they can easily reach their skincare goals if they work with you through a series of chemical peels.  

3 Skin Types Ideal For Peels

You will find that there are 3 specific skin types that will benefit from chemical peels.  When clients present with acneic skin (grades 1-3), aging skin and/or skin that is dealing with pigmentation issues – you can offer chemical peels to help improve the appearance of their skin and help them achieve their skin care goals.  

Why Is A Chemical Peel Beneficial For Aging Skin?

Aging skin is usually dull in appearance and presents with fine lines and wrinkles.  This is a result of a buildup of proteins due to slower cellular turnover.  Chemical peels will remove some of the surface protein build up that doesn’t allow for much light refraction.  

The chemical peel will induce a controlled wound that will stimulate fibroblast activity and accelerate cell turnover. Increased fibroblast activity enhances collagen & elastin production and an increase in cell turnover will deepen dermal papilla.  

This will result in younger, more youthful looking skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Why is a Peel Beneficial for Pigmented Skin?

When there is hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the skin’s surface, chemical peels will help to remove surface proteins, however, in this case you will be removing proteins that are housing melanin.  This will help to remove surface hyperpigmentation.  

You are not changing the melanocyte activity or using any tyrosinase inhibitors, but this is removing the cells that are highly densely pigmented as well as accelerating cell turnover resulting in less time for melanin deposition.  Especially in aging clients who are in a 40-45 day cell turnover.  This will help to even out skin tone.  

Why is a Peel Beneficial for Acneic Skin

Salicylic Acid focuses on the sebum in the follicle and helps to erupt the impaction and clear the pore.  Only peel acne grades 1 – 3.  

Clients with congestion, black heads and who are overall oily are ideal candidates. If a client is showing inflammation as a primary symptom they are not a candidate for a chemical peel and may be better suited with an enzyme to remove surface proteins.  

How To Get The Most Out Of A Peel

Peel intensity can be increased through 2 different methods – layers and time. Lactic and Alpha/Beta Peels are in a gel base –  time determines their activity. There will be no delayed peeling with the gel based peels. They can be used in a facial setting as the form of exfoliation(without steam). The gel based peels must be neutralized with the pK Neutralizing Spray and removed.

The Jessner, DermFrost, MandeliClear and Vitamin A Accelerator are in an ethanol base and are layer dependent to increase their intensity. Our ethanol based peels are self-neutralizing and we recommend to follow our standard protocols for application.

Learn More About Peels

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Treating Skin Conditions with Advanced Ingredient Technology

Why Peels Are Beneficial In A Series

A series is like a jump start for your skin.  It will be the best way to allow home care to work optimally and faster.  Having the power of professional peels being done on a regular basis combined with the effectiveness of Circadia home care is like an extension of your treatment. 

5 Reasons to Offer Peel Series to Clients

  1. Improve Tone

The most reported concern / skin issue is hyperpigmentation or dark spots.  It’s become one of the leading issues that most clients want to address. You can help clients to diminish visible signs of Hyperpigmentation with the Circadia Mandeliclear Peel System, it’s ideal for Fitzpatrick 1 – 5 and it is not recommended to apply more than 3 layers per treatment.  If you choose to use the Vitamin A Accelerator with the MandeliClear Peel, it is recommended to apply 1-3 layers on top of the MandeliClear Peel.

2. Improve Texture

Helping clients to improve overall skin texture is one of the 5 key benefits of offering peels in a series.  Smooth skin is a goal of nearly every skin care client. The Jessner Peel is ideal to achieve these results on your Fitzpatrick 1 – 3 clients.  A maximum of 3 layers per treatment is all you should apply.  However, repeated treatments over time combined with Circadia home care will help to improve the overall texture of the skin.

3. Improve Health of Problematic Skin

Clients who present with low grades (1- 3) acne can find success with chemical peels in a series.  You can reduce bacteria and decrease inflammation for problematic skin. The Dermafrost Peel has Salicylic Acid which will attack sebum in the follicle to help clear pores.  This is ideal for Fitzpatrick 1 – 3 and can only have a maximum of 3 layers per treatment.  It can take several months for acneic skin to find balance, so performing several treatments over the course of a few months will be a huge benefit, especially if the client is using Circadia home care.  

4. Offer Progressive Treatments

Because a peel is a controlled wound, you need to get to know a clients’ skin and learn how they react to a peel.  Start off gently and as you get to know the clients’ skin, you can step up the % of the peel and the number of layers in each treatment.  

Start off with a few layers of a peel or a shorter time frame and if the client is showing no adverse reactions, then as you do more peels you can increase the number of layers and time.  

5. Maintain Optimal Barrier Function

Clients who present with dull skin or congested skin who don’t need the intensity of a Jessner, DermaFrost or the MandeliClear Peel System, should consider the Alpha / Beta Peel or the  Lactic Peel These peels offer a gentle exfoliation with no down time and they are suited for all skin types – Fitzpatrick 1 – 6.  Your client will not experience any delayed peeling or flaking and are easily tolerated.  They make a great addition to a facial without steam. They promote cell turnover and decongest pores to ensure skin is functioning optimally.  

Grow Your Business in 2020

You can help your clients achieve optimal results by offering a series of chemical peels! This will keep your clients coming back on a regular basis – so you can coach and educate on the home care that they need to use.  This will help add exponentially to their results! Home care and treatments are the ideal combination.  

This will also help your business to achieve higher sales goals and give you a strong cash flow and greater opportunity for growth.


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