Dr. Pugliese was the first practicing physician to bring the science of skin to the esthetician with his ground-breaking textbook, Advanced Professional Skin Care, published in 1990. Dr. Pugliese provided skin care specialists with new illustrations, accurate medical terminology and introduced the fundamentals of cosmetic chemistry. The popularity of Dr. Pugliese’s scientific articles made him the most sought-after speaker in the skin care industry. As the new millennium began, new discoveries in skin science and the use of active raw materials led Dr. Pugliese to rewrite and re-illustrate his original textbook, and Advanced Professional Skin Care, Medical Edition was published in 2006.

Physiology of the Skin is a compilation of Dr. Pugliese’s articles published in SKIN INC magazine, which has expanded over 20 years into three editions. The series has been used by educators, practitioners and manufacturers as the most informative topical reference book in the world.  Circadia’s continued commitment to education is demonstrated through scientific seminars, manufacturer’s classes and frequent editorial contributions in trade publications. Michael Q. Pugliese, BS, LE, and his grandfather, Dr. Pugliese, often appear together on the podium lecturing on skin physiology and ingredient science. Their original presentations are usually standing-room-only and often attended by the most recognizable names in the industry.

Circadia periodically hosts intensive education events at their facility in the picturesque landscape of rural Pennsylvania. Limited to sixteen attendees, the four-day Cosmetic Chemistry Course provides a high level of insight into how ingredients work and how products are made. Attendees use laboratory equipment, tour the Circadia manufacturing facility, and formulate their own customized treatment product to take home.

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