Retail Acrylic Display Bundle

Retail Acrylic Display Bundle

Retail Acrylic Display Bundle

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Acrylic Shelf Risers: Enhance your retail displays with our acrylic shelf risers that allow you to highlight a specific product or groupings. Available in 4″x4″ and 5″x10″, these versatile risers provide a sleek platform for products, making them stand out.

Shelf Hang Tags: Effortlessly categorize products based on skin condition or concern with our convenient shelf hang tags. These tags make it easy to group items by category, and come with 9 categories. You can simply slide out a tag and replace it with another one whenever you’d like

Display Bundle Includes:
Small Acrylic Shelf Riser 4″x4″x1″  (1)
Large Acrylic Shelf Riser 5″x10″x1.5″ (1)
Shelf Talker Acrylic Sign Holder (10)
2 Sets Printed Shelf Tags (9)

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