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Past, Present, & Future

We have decades of research and experience standing behind us, with over 20 years as a skincare manufacturer alone.

As you will find working with us, we value our customer partnerships tremendously. Our goal is to provide you with the products, tools, and educational resources you need to succeed in the treatment room and beyond.

 Circadia has notable accomplishments in many aspects, including award-winning formulations, recognition for social responsibility, and certifications from national and international agencies. We will continue to strive to raise the bar on the profession while honoring our commitment to clean skin care, innovation, and providing the best in business to our partners.

 “Circadia has a rich history and a bright future”

 The Pugliese family has been committed to elevating the esthetics profession for three generations. We have a rich history and a bright future. The late Dr. Peter T. Pugliese founded Circadia. He received numerous accolades and recognition for his clinical research in skin care and his vast contributions to advancing the industry.

Dr. Pugliese’s legacy left a lasting mark on the industry, with his work still being referenced, his textbooks still being used in classrooms, and his numerous articles still circulating. At Circadia, we share the same passion and have committed to serving the skin care professional in the same way through connection, innovation, formulation, and education as cornerstones.

As the third-generation CEO, I am proud to lead Circadia into the global marketplace by benchmarking systems, streamlining processes, dynamic product formulation, and strategically positioning Circadia for scalable expansion.

Circadia’s award-winning skin care is a professional-only brand, meaning we are committed to you, the skin care professional. We do not sell online, nor do we sell our products directly to consumers. With this in mind, you can be confident that Circadia puts the skin care professional first.