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Welcome to the House of Circadia: Let Us Help You Grow Your Esthetics Practice

We're thrilled to welcome you to Team Circadia! Our #1 goal is to support you as an esthetician… (In fact, we ONLY sell to licensed estheticians). 

We are committed to helping you thrive, and here’s how we support you:

  • Circadian Rhythms: The core of Circadia’s concept is chronobiology, the science of defending the skin from environmental damage during the day, and stimulating internal repair mechanisms during sleep. Circadia harnesses nature and science through the skin and body’s natural circadian rhythms, producing healthy, beautiful skin.

  • Education & Training: We don't just provide products; we equip you with the know-how to create exceptional customer experiences. This helps increase your sales and revenue per treatment, fostering your business growth.

  • Science & Innovation: In collaboration with experienced estheticians and scientists, we harness the science of circadian rhythms in our product development, giving you proprietary formulations that provide unrivaled results. All products are paraben-free, SLS-free and fragrance-free.
  • Manufacturing, Research & Development: We formulate, test, produce, bottle, and package all products in-house, offering you consistent quality and as a result, large profit margins that enhance your business' bottom line.
  • People & Culture: Our culture pillar shows up in what we focus on, how we treat each other and how we work. We strive to create a positive environment that empowers, values, and recognizes our employees, ambassadors, and partners.
  • Partnerships: We want to help you confidently bring Circadia products into your spa with tailored support, experience, and customizable options designed to fit your needs. Also: We only sell to licensed estheticians, ensuring you have control over how your clients access our top-of-the-line skincare products.

  • Past, Present, Future: As Circadia's third-generation CEO, I am devoted to enhancing your experience and our collaboration. This includes refining processes and creating potent product formulations that meet your clients' evolving needs.

Circadia prioritizes your needs.

Ready to grow your practice? Here are a few ways Circadia can help…

  • Dive into FREE Education at Circadia U: Get access to on-demand video training that will skyrocket your skincare skills. Everything from learning how to recommend the perfect home care regimens to advanced treatment modalities like dermaplaning and chemical peels, we've got it covered. Are you ready to learn?
  • Become a Circadia Partner & Watch Your Business Grow: Offer your clients exclusive, award-winning Circadia products and create a thriving spa business. We only sell to licensed estheticians like you. Check out our partnership perks here:
  • Boost Your Bookings with Ready-to-Post Social Media Content: Download our ready-to-use social media content to enhance your online presence and drive more bookings. Simply download, post on your accounts, and watch your client base grow. [Insert Link Here]

To your success,

Michael Q. Pugliese, LE, CEO